Signing Up

 Eportfolio Subcommittee Report:  10-17-2013

Organization for 2013-2014

A survey link was sent to all members of CAT:     Based on the responses and other email correspondence, active committee members include:  Barbara Walters, Joe Ugoretz, Howard Wach, Lisa Brundage, Bruce Rosenbloom and Carlos Guevara.  Please reply through the survey or through the CAT EPORTFOLIO SUBCOMMITTEE 2013-2014 .  Tasks for the year include:

  • Writing our mission and objectives statement
  •  Updating our group sites on the Academic Commons (consolidating membership, ect.)
  • Organizing, participating in and reporting back on conferences (including CUNY IT)
  • Representing CAT at eportfolio showcase functions across CUNY campuses and reporting back
  • Keeping the Academic Commons wiki up-to-date
  • Liaison to AAEEBL
  • Liaison to Making Connections National Resource Center
  • CUNY Eportfolio Symposium: planning, implementation, follow-up

These are itemized on the wiki — CAT EPORTFOLIO SUBCOMMITTEE 2013-2014 — with a box for sign-up. 

Meetings will take place through Blackboard Collaborate or GoToMeeting.  At present, the preferred time is the Monday afternoon prior to the CAT meeting.

CUNY IT Conference

Two sessions were organized directly by the CAT Eportfolio Subcommittee:

  • Igniting Eportfolios
  • Eportfolio Badges and Badging

Eight campuses are represented:  Lehman, Kingsborough, SPS, BMCC, Macaulay, CCNY LaGuardia, and Kingsborough.  Two additional eportfolio sessions accepted for the conference provide evidence for the ubiquity of eportfolios across CUNY.

CUNY Eportfolio and Digital Technology Symposium

The 2014 CUNY Eportfolio Symposium will take place on Wednesday, April 2, 2014, at Macaulay Honors College.